Thursday, December 13, 2007

Healthy Stress reduction

Here are some healthy stress reduction tips. These are adapted from my Student Success textbook "On Course" by Skip Downing. I can see the heavy influence of Stephen Covey's 4 quadrants theory. Here we go.

  • Sail Away - Separate your self from your external stress. Seek some solitude to reduce stress.
  • Make a list of priorities you have.
  • Assign priorities to each task : A= important & important, B = important & not urgent, C = All unimportant items.
  • Cross the C's off the list as they are pretty much a waste of time.
  • Delegation- Wherever possible delegate(A's and B's) to someone else to a task. Ask a favor from a friend relative. Have someone help you with some of your items.
  • Complete remaining A's and B's yourself.
  • Look for time savers. Consolidate errands or tasks whenever possible.
  • Just say No - Say no to any unnecessary commitments. Do it in a polite way whenever possible.
  • Keep Finances organized. Finances can be a big stress do best to keep in order.
  • Exercise - Oops I really slack on this one. Helps reduce stress and is good for you to boot.
I hope these can help you out among these stressful holiday season. Thanks for coming by.

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