Sunday, April 20, 2008


It's been a strange semester. Well I did end up finishing my project for Lean Manufacturing. the only thing is that after seeing what other peoples projects were I realized I should have put more effort into it. I didn't go deep enough into the project as I felt I should have. I was disappointed in myself to some degree. What makes that class a bit different is that the teacher went out shortly after that for surgery and we haven't had classes for the last three weeks. We only have three weeks left in the course.

My Production Management class has been a bit mixed. I finished up the essay for Executive Suite and and took the test too which I did well with both(a 92% on test as a whole including essay). Since that point we've been working on formula's for which I barely have a clue how they work. Fortunately the teacher broke us into groups which helped. I certainly hope they aren't on the final exam. We had our spring break week last week but were back this week which he says we'll be watching another movie. Which we'll probably have to write on our final exam like the last one.

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