Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Just some thought's

Being back in school has enlightened me in some ways . My "Student Success" class has been probably the most eye opening one. The main theme seems to be personal responsibility. Dealing with "Creator" and "Victim" personality type. It's usually easy to spot someone else's fault's but to spot your own isn't alway as easy. After reading the book it made me more aware of peoples different personality types(creator or victim ) usually a blend of both leaning usually more to one or the other. Of course I was almost thinking I was above all that, but I soon realized that (usually with some help from my wife, she's good for that) my own faults. I'm usually quick to go on the defensive about things especially when confronted with something(my fault or not). On the good side I do feel that going to school now I've decided to take some direction in my life (a creator action). It's a start. Reading through my book some times I see subject's I'd love to write here about. perhaps I will some time in the near future. It would give me a chance to share some insight.

On a different note(pardon the pun). I'm not sure if there is any correlation between school and music. I've found I'm listening to a lot more music along with actually purchasing CD's again. I guess it's a harmless distraction from all the studying.

Here's one from a CD I just bought:

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