Saturday, October 6, 2007


Here's a summary of what I've been working on.
Oral Communications: This week we went over basic stuff for organizing speech's covering support material for a speech. We also covered basic stuff that we'll have in our mid-term exam in about two weeks. Our next speech will be a 5-6 minute speech on a subject that has duel viewpoint. We have to present both sides of a current hot button topic unbiased. My topic I chose was whether to pull troops out of Iraq now or later. I've got the basic outline almost done and now I just have to put the supporting material in a cohesive manner.
Student Success: This week we didn't really cover too much. It was a lightly attended class to say the least. Me, myself and the teacher. Three day holiday weekend too tempting for the other two students. Class was only an hour and we didn't cover too much. I'm actually ahead in my reading and homework in this class. I'm really enjoying this one.

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