Saturday, October 20, 2007

Week in Review

Oral Communications: This week was our midterm exam. I think I did pretty good. It was multiple choice and covered mainly the terms from our book on public speaking. We also got back our grades from last weeks speech. I got a "C" with some good comments from the teacher. I was happy with it. Not bad for someone who absolutely feared this class. Only 4 of us showed up. A few guys we haven't even seen the last couple of weeks. Next up will be a speech of demonstration. I'm thinking of doing one on an oil change. I actually don't fear as much getting up to speak as more nervous of the material itself.
Student Success: I'm still enjoying this class very much. It's hard to explain what exactly this course does. It's very insightful and I'm feeling I'm learning much more than can be put into words. I'm learning as much about my self and how to change my ways from a victim mentality to a creator. A lot of it is about setting goals and how to reach them. We just had a quiz and did an assignment in class this week. Grade wise It's not that hard the quizzes we get are fairly simple.

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